Salutations and welcome to Drift (NOT "Drift Away", ignore the layout, it's just there for aesthetic purposes), a shrine to Organization XIII's thirteenth member, Roxas, from Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts franchise. Roxas is a fascinating character with a compelling story, so I thought he deserved some space on my domain. His search for identity and purpose is something, I think, that we can all relate to on some level. We here are currently the oldest site on the lightwave network and are fully prepared to take on the slew of new games in the series. Please enjoy your stay!

There are unmarked spoilers all over the site. Navigate using the tiny links in the header! This site was last updated 19 November 2016, updated with a Ventus page and gushing about voice acting. We are listed at In The Fade. Be sure to check out our partners in crime and give them a visit!

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