If you have a Kingdom Hearts shrine or fansite, feel free to email me for affiliation! My affiliation policy: your site must be content-driven, and said content should be thoughtful and well-written.


Awakening is Stefi's longstanding shrine to Sora, the beloved main protagonist of the whole series. Once known as Same Sky, this site has recently undergone a revamp and it's better than ever! As a Roxas fan (though of course I do like Sora) I tend to save the critical thinking for him, and have glossed over Sora as a "generic main character" with little to no depth. This site is here to prove me wrong on that point - Stefi's thoroughly done her research. Read on!

RIP to the following former affiliates that were all wonderful character shrines in their time:

  • Iris, for Naminé, by Tara of calintz.org
  • The Riku Project (Arcanum & Vagabond), for Riku (who else?!), by Vivienne of battalglia.org
  • White Shadows (Echo & Starless), for Roxas and Naminé, by Tabita of loveparody.net
  • Zero, for Roxas, by Jinny of royal-hours.net

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