If you have a Kingdom Hearts shrine or fansite, feel free to email me for affiliation! My affiliation policy: your site must be content-driven, and said content should be thoughtful and well-written. Character profiles masquerading as tributes won't make the cut, sorry. These are arranged in alphabetical order by site title.


Awakening is Stefi's longstanding shrine to Sora, the beloved main protagonist of the whole series. Once known as Same Sky, this site has recently undergone a revamp and it's better than ever! As a Roxas fan (though of course I do like Sora) I tend to save the critical thinking for him, and have glossed over Sora as a "generic main character" with little to no depth. This site is here to prove me wrong on that point - Stefi's thoroughly done her research. Read on!


Iris is Tara's tribute to everyone's favorite witch dressed in white - Naminé! While this site isn't very large (not a big load of tl;dr like this site!), it's delightfully charming, whimsical, and fun. Inserted here and there are random comments that really make this site unique. Tara's put her own personal twist on Naminé, interweaving her story with her own life. This is really what a tribute is. Naminé is a sweet girl, and she's lucky to have an equally sweet shrine on the internet.

The Riku Project

The Riku Project is Vivi's two-part dedication to Riku. One is Arcanum the other Vagabond, one for each major game in the series. Vivi really loves Riku. And I mean that. Vivi really loves Riku. And what's not to love? Although Riku can whine and wallow in his own self-loathing too much, we all love Riku for his hotness. And Vivi has created a beautiful tribute to this awesome character. A must-visit, both for its stunning design and thoughtfully composed content.

White Shadows

White Shadows is Tabita's dedication to her OTP - Roxas and Naminé. This site is composed of three separate tributes: Echo, for Roxas; Starless, for Naminé and then White Shadows itself, for their relationship. While I don't ship the two of them anymore (I was SO into this pairing back in the day), Tabita's dedication is evident and her passion for this pairing is infectious. Whether or not you ship it, these sites are rare gems and excellent fan resources.


Zero is Jinny's shrine to Roxas. Jinny's is a small but thoughtfully composed site, filled with interesting insights into Roxas' character. This site was actually down for some time, but was recently revived, much to my delight! Jinny's take on Roxas is different from my own, so if you want a breather from my discussions and want to hear about some fresh new ideas, be sure to check out her site. (Seriously, get out of here, this site is like tl;dr incarnate.) Especially for us Roxas fans, this is a must-visit.

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