Drift opened on 9 November 2007, originally under the name Monologue. It was a part of a Roxas and Naminé project, and I did have a Naminé shrine but have since closed it with vague, poorly formed ideas of bringing it back. However, the chance of that is now low. Anyways, Monologue survived the purge (even though its last incarnation makes me cringe) and stands today as the oldest site on my network. I can't believe it's been almost two years!

The site was once named "Monologue" because a monologue is a piece said by one person. This was meant to contrast with "Soliloquy," the name of my Naminé shrine. The two terms are very similar, except a soliloquy is said in no one else's presence, whereas a monologue can be said with other people around. I felt that this reflected Roxas' potential to be surrounded by others, whereas Naminé was much more lonely and separated from others. After a while, though, it seemed kind of dumb. Especially because my Naminé shrine no longer exists. So, I renamed it to Drift because Roxas drifts from place to place, trying to find himself. In the sense of a drifter, someone who wanders, but not a hobo. Roxas is hardly a hobo.

Even though I've used "Drift Away" in the layout, the site is not named this - although it isn't a really big deal, the official name of this site is Drift. I'd really prefer people to refer to the site as such. Sorry for the confusion!

If it isn't obvious, I created this site because I love Roxas. He is a great character, though perhaps a little overrated (the hype for him in fandom is insane). I admire him and sympathize with him - he is very likeable and his story is compelling. When his part in Kingdom Hearts II ended, I was so incredibly sad that at first, I was disappointed to see Sora (this changed later on, because who doesn't love Sora?). I decided that I had to shrine him, and this is the result.

Also, I don't own Kingdom Hearts or Roxas. They belong to Square Enix. This is just a fansite!

Drift © Chrissy 2007 - 2019. No infringement intended.