This sounds kind of like the speeches celebrities give at the Academy Awards and such. Anyways, without further ado ... I'd like to thank all my friends on Twitter who have followed my insanity and endured my twitterspam. I agonized so much during the making of this shrine, while I was playing Days, and while trying to work out my ideas for this shrine.

Also, if you're wondering about all my quotes from Days - I basically compiled what is an incomplete game script while playing the game myself, so everything is my own work. (Yes, I was even trying to get it all down when Xion was dying and I was sobbing.) As of writing this page (December 2009) I'm unaware of the existence of a "public" game script apparently two days before I completed my revamp, a game script was posted online but I wasn't aware, so all the quotes on here are from my own recordings anyways. I like using my own script, haha.

If you feel like taking this gif, credit back here or something. I went and found a way to rip it, so yeah. I don't even know. Whatever.

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