Who actually asks me questions? But anyways, they're here for your perusing pleasure. If you do happen to have any questions that aren't listed here, feel free to contact me. My inbox is always open, and I love getting emails!

What the hell is this?
It's a tribute to one of my favorite characters, Roxas from Kingdom Hearts.

The Official Site Title is "Drift." Why use "Drift Away" in the layout?
Because it looked better that way? Sorry, I know it's a little offputting but that is really the reason why. Lol. Please refer to this site as just "Drift"! :)

Why the hell did you make a site to a fictional character?
For the same reason you're reading this - because I feel like it and want to.

Can I take your content?

Can I take your layout/coding/anything graphic design?

But what if I took it anyways?
Well, honestly, I can't stop you. Lol.

Can I affiliate with your site?
Email me with a link to your site and I'll consider it. I'm looking for high-quality Kingdom Hearts shrines.

You're wrong/you missed something here/etc ...
I'm only human. You don't need to tell me about spelling errors because I will likely find it myself. If it's REALLY big (something along the lines of "Xion is actually Naminé's Nobody") and related to the plot or other important circumstances, email me about it. If it's a broken link, please do tell me.

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