Roxas is the thirteenth member of the Organization. It doesn't seem to have any significance in-game, because it simply denotes that he was the thirteenth to join the Organization. However, in being ridiculously analytical one night, I figured that perhaps it did have a little significance.

Thirteen is commonly considered an "unlucky" number in many cultures. Roxas is unlucky in that he can't live his own existence and returns to Sora. Sora is constantly called lucky to be the Keyblade master, to be able to weasel his way out of sticky situations. Roxas seems to get the short end of the stick! However, the number 13 is also considered lucky in other places; though Roxas isn't separate from Sora, he's ironically also the luckiest in that he still exists - all the other Organization members were wiped out.

Another connection is to Judas Iscariot, a Biblical figure and one of the twelve disciples - tradition holds that Judas was the thirteenth to sit at the Last Supper. He was also the disciple that betrayed Jesus. Similarly, Roxas was the thirteenth to sit in the halls of the Organization and he ended up betraying it. Though perhaps the circumstances of and reasons for their respective betrayals were quite different, it's an interesting connection that may not be there at all because I am thinking way too hard.

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