Roxas has a total of two outfits in the game. There are his standard Organization XIII cloak and his civilian clothes that he wears in Twilight Town. The Organization outfit is pretty simple - it's all black and has a massive zipper. Unlike the other Organization members, Roxas wears black shoes instead of boots that go to the knees. On the other hand, his civilian clothes are much more complex and are significantly lighter than the Organization robes, though with a dark base.

He has spiky blond hair, though perhaps not quite as spiky and long as Sora's. His eyes are the exact same shade of electric blue as Sora's eyes. He's also the same height as Sora.

One interesting thing to note is that while he shares some similar features with Sora, they actually look very different, whereas the other members of the Organization look like their human selves. Roxas and Naminé seem to the be exception to this rule. In Birth By Sleep it's explained that Ventus' heart goes to sleep within Sora, and he looks just like Roxas. This would explain why Roxas doesn't look like Sora (how exactly this explains anything I don't know, but since it was Tetsuya Nomura ApprovedTM it doesn't have to follow the laws of physics/gravity/anything). This, however, also brings into question whether Roxas is really Sora's Nobody, because Ven's heart was within Sora when he released his and Kairi's hearts with the Dark Keyblade. In fact, both Sora and Ventus are Roxas' "true self," so perhaps he's both of their Nobodies.

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