Axel is the other one of Roxas' two best friends in the Organization, and the only one that he ever remembers. On his first day in the Organization, Axel takes Roxas to eat ice cream, and then does so again later on. It seems that the Organization has assigned him as Roxas' mentor - a "babysitter", as Axel himself puts it. He isn't terribly thrilled about having to look after Roxas in the beginning, but feels like Roxas will be some amusement. After all, in the beginning, Roxas doesn't know a thing and could be considered as dense - if not more - than Sora.

Another mission with Roxas today. Is he seriously my responsibility? At least he's starting to talk like a normal person. Maybe that means his memory's coming back. Still, this kid's supposed to be the Keyblade master's Nobody? I don't see it. Secret Report: Axel, Day 14 (This Kid?)

As Roxas' personality develops, Axel finds it easier and easier to talk to him. They meet up for ice cream on the clock tower, and become "friends" - but not long after, Axel's sent to Castle Oblivion. Roxas is a little lonely, but this is nothing compared to the sensation he feels when he hears that everyone sent to Castle Oblivion was eliminated. "It's hard to come to grips with the idea that Axel is gone." He describes a "choked up" sensation, with a "weird lump in my throat [that] won't go away", but doesn't know what it is. The feeling stays with him, until finally Axel reappears, and he notes that it goes away. Roxas doesn't realize that he was feeling sad - it was grief.

Once Axel returns, he, Roxas, and Xion spend a lot of time together. Roxas says that they just sit on the clock tower eating ice cream, talking about nothing in particular, but he wouldn't miss those conversations for anything. His memories of Axel and Xion are his most precious, and he'd never want to lose them.

Axel, too, really enjoys spending time with Roxas and Xion. Incidentally, Axel had a friend right from the beginning of joining the Organization - Saïx, but finds himself growing closer to the two newest members. Spending time with them makes him realize that that was what friendship must have been like when he was a human. Talking to them brings up memories of when he was a human child, and he doesn't quite know how to react - he even notices that Roxas and Xion seem to act like real people. Axel doesn't miss Saïx too much, either.

Eventually, Axel discovers that Xion is a Replica. Torn, he doens't know how to treat Xion, knowing that he used the Riku Replica so badly in the past, but Xion is his friend. He decides just to treat her as his friend - after all, the two of them are best friends. However, he doesn't tell Roxas anything, even after Xion finds out. After Xion leaves the Organization, Axel is sent to capture her, which he can't do without force. He does so because he doesn't want her to be erased - something that goes completely over Roxas' head, whose trust in Axel starts to disintegrate, calling him a jerk.

Roxas doesn't trust me after the whole Xion incident, but I can't tell him the truth yet. So I keep lying. It's no big deal when you're a Nobody. There's no guilt, no feeling at all. So why does it still sting, just a little, when I lie to him? All my dealings with Roxas give me this bizarre illusion of humanity. Secret Report: Axel, Day 299 (The Value of a Lie)

Roxas doesn't want to lose Axel. He's his very first friend in the Organization. Axel feels the same way about Roxas - but it's hard for him, because he knows that he must choose between Roxas and Xion, something which he can't do easily. He can't tell Roxas because he won't understand, and will jump to the wrong conclusions. So Axel is left with no choice but to lie, though it hurts to do so. It's a lose-lose situation.

Roxas sees Axel's silence as a betrayal of sorts. When Roxas finally finds out who Xion is, he asks Axel if he too feels that he's disposable, but Axel quickly denies it, saying that they're best friends, but still refuses to tell him anything about who he is. This only upsets Roxas more. "Best friends are honest with each other!" Feeling like he truly can't trust Axel anymore, Roxas leaves the Organization, much to Axel's disappointment. Axel reminds Roxas that if he leaves, the Organization will erase him, but Roxas brushes this off, saying that no one would miss him, never hearing Axel say that he would. At that point, Roxas feels that if Axel really cared about him, he would have told him the truth a long time ago.

Roxas: Have you been keeping the truth about [Xion] from me this whole time?
Axel: ...... Not the whole time.
Roxas: When did you find out?
Axel: Oh, I dunno. Somewhere along the way.
Roxas: Didn't get it memorized, huh? Axel ... Who am I, really? Day 355 ~Unsaid, Unheard~

I'd just like to point out that Roxas spitting Axel's signature line back at him is one of the most glorious moments in the whole game - you hear the phrase "got it memorized?" so much you want to punch Axel.

It's not without heartbreak on Roxas' side that he leaves the Organization. Though he wasn't exactly rational, he had been deeply hurt by Axel. Someone who he considered his best friend couldn't even be bothered to tell him the truth about their other best friend - what kind of best friend does that? I cannot deny that they really were the best of friends - but Roxas' ignorance led to an inevitable split. Axel couldn't tell Roxas because he would overreact, but Roxas hated being lied to.

Later, after Roxas is put into the simulation, Axel is ordered to destroy him. As a traitor, Roxas had to face the consequences. The Organization had hoped to have their Keyblade wielder back, but if they couldn't, they would settle for Sora, who could still defeat Heartless and complete Kingdom Hearts for them. Axel, however, wants his friend back more than anything, which is why he's so upset when Roxas doesn't remember him. He tries everything he can to avoid destroying Roxas.

Roxas returns to Sora, and the Organization doesn't bother getting him back. They just hope that Roxas' disappearance wasn't in vain and that Sora would continue to further their efforts. However, Axel is still determined to have him back, and does a number of things, including kidnapping Kairi. In the end, though, Axel realizes that their reunion can't happen, and sacrifices himself to save Sora.

"He was the only one I liked. He made me feel like I had a heart." This line is really significant, because it really shows how much Axel changed because of Roxas. In the beginning, Axel is a cocky, carefree kind of guy who does the Organization's dirty work without question and seems to enjoy it, inasmuch as it provides him with something to do. He doesn't have a heart with which to feel guilt. But as he spends time with Roxas, he begins to become more human, feeling remorse and regret for his actions. In the end, in a real act of selflessness, he sacrifices himself so that Roxas may live on, though they never meet again.

They are and always will be best friends, but their relationship is doomed to a tragically unhappy ending. Roxas finally understands what Axel could never tell him, and their disagreement is resolved. This comes at the cost of never being able to truly meet again.

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