Roxas is born when Sora impales himself on the Dark Keyblade, which is made from hearts of six of the seven Princesses of Heart. Sora releases his heart as well as Kairi's, creating Naminé. Sora's heart becomes a Heartless, and his body and soul become Roxas. However, Kairi is able to rescue Sora's heart, and because memories are chained together in the heart, Roxas has no recollection of Sora's life. He is born into Twilight Town. According to the "Director's Secret Report XIII" from Another Report, Twilight Town is one of four worlds to exist between the planes of light and darkness.

Literally moments after Roxas' birth, the Organization converges on him. Xemnas appears to him, christens him Roxas, and asks him if he wanted purpose. Thus begins Roxas' time spent working for the Organization.

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