Organization XIII is a really odd mix of people. They all look different and have ridiculous personalities. Here, I will briefly discuss Roxas' relationships with each of them with the exception of Axel and Xion.

Xemnas - the Organization's leader. Roxas doesn't talk to Xemnas very much, but isn't too fond of him. Xemnas is very confusing in his words and too eloquent for his own good. In the end, Roxas is furious at Xemnas for what he did to Xion and resolves to stop him, but of course this plan goes kaput.

Xigbar is one that he does have some relationship with. Xigbar appears to have met Ven, and makes the most obvious connections between Ven and Roxas. Xigbar shows up to test Roxas on occasion, and calls him names like "kiddo" or "kid" or "tiger." (He calls Xion "poppet.")

Xaldin is just kind of there. He goes with Roxas to Beast's Castle a lot.

Vexen, Zexion, and Marluxia serve only as tutorial dummies for Roxas to practice with until they're sent off to Castle Oblivion, where they die. The same can be said for Lexaeus and Larxene, but they get a special mention. The former beats Roxas up and that's your tutorial on Limit Breaks. The latter really hates spending time with Roxas, teaching him the basics of magic, and calls him a "half-baked Nobody." I laughed.

Saïx is the most annoying Organization member ever. He's always a downer, hates Xion, and basically looks down on Roxas constantly for his displays of emotion. I think he has his claymore shoved up his butt when he isn't using it. At any rate, you have the very gratifying experience of beating him down when you escape from the Organization. Ahh, sweet revenge.

Demyx is the lazy one in the Organization. Always funny and entertaining to listen to, but I really wish he would actually help on your missions with him. Yes, I know he doesn't do anything, but fighting Heartless alone is more difficult than fighting with someone there to help. He takes advantage of Roxas' good work ethic, which is really quite upsetting.

Luxord doesn't do anything special except make allusions to card games in every word he says. This is almost as annoying as Axel using "got it memorized?" or "get it memorized!" or any variant of the phrase.

Can you tell I wrote this page at 3 in the morning?

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