Roxas only spends 358 days in the Organization. Well, it's more like 355 days - since the last three chronicle the events that happen after to his defection. It would be more accurate to say that he spent 355 days in the Organization and 358 days as "his own person" - that is, before having his memories wiped and before returning to Sora.

There are a lot more essential details that I've left out for this game, but a lot of them don't pertain to Roxas (mostly more about Xion), so I've left them out. I really recommend playing this game for yourself - there are so many nuances in this game, and I love it to pieces.

When Roxas joins the Organization, he doesn't know a thing about anything. His first few days are spent being shown the ropes by the other members - he doesn't even know how to use magic! This means that the first few hours of the game are spent in a really boring tutorial mode, but it gets better. During this time, he's paired up with Axel a number of times, who has basically been assigned as his "mentor."

Every day, Roxas is sent out on either solo missions or is paired up with someone else to go defeat Heartless. I am not kidding - every day. It gets old very quickly. Sometimes he's sent to do recon missions, but his primary job is to collect hearts: to complete Kingdom Hearts so that the Organization's members may become whole. He doesn't really get it at first, and never really does, but he does it anyways. He asks why it's necessary, but never really takes action to stop what he's doing and think about it.

Over time, he becomes friends with Axel, eating ice cream with him after their missions are complete for the day. However, not long afterwards, Axel and some of the other Organization members are sent to Castle Oblivion (hello, Chain of Memories). During Axel's absence, Roxas gets to know Xion, mysterious fourteenth member of the Organization, who slowly opens up to him, revealing her face under the hood and that she, too, wields the Keyblade. However, on his 26th day, he suddenly falls into a coma for a few weeks. Though he doesn't know it, this is because Sora has been put to sleep in Castle Oblivion by Naminé to restore his memories.

Roxas wakes up to hear that the members dispatched to Castle Oblivion were all eliminated. He has a peculiar "choked-up" sensation, knowing that he'll never see Axel again. In addition to this, he keeps seeing flashes of Sora in his dreams and during his missions; he doesn't know who it is, so he just calls Sora a "boy in red." Then, one day out of nowhere, Axel shows up again, having been the only one to escape elimination, and he and Axel begin meeting up to have ice cream again. Xion soon joins them and the three of them become good friends.

Things seem to be going well for the three of them when one day, Xion fails a mission. On that mission, she encounters Riku, who calls her Keyblade and her existence a sham. Xion is clearly upset, but being the somewhat insensitive boy that he is, Roxas only manages to irritate her more. Everything starts to fall apart - Axel becomes more distant, Xion falls into a deep sleep, just as he did. Unknown to him, Xion's found out that she's just a Replica - a puppet manufactured by the Organization. When she finally awakens, more shenanigans ensue and she disappears again. Roxas and Axel eventually find her with Riku, though they don't know who he is. Xion is torn between staying with Roxas and Axel and returning to her "true self" - she doesn't know what's the better decision.

In the end, though, she is left with no choice. Axel, always stuck with the "nasty" missions, brings her in by force right in front of Roxas' eyes. Roxas can't believe it - how could Axel be so harsh to one of his best friends? This leads to an estrangement between the two of them. Xion gets mad at Roxas for being mad at Axel.

Things start to get bad when Roxas starts to discover that the Organization is sending him on a number of suicide missions. His power works in a balance with Xion's, and whenever he's powerful, Xion is weak, and vice versa. Near the end of the game, Xion is the more powerful one, and the Organization decides that they only need one of them. They send Roxas on a mission to defeat six giant Heartless (which, honestly, wasn't that hard, but really annoying) by himeself. They send him on a mission to defeat a giant Heartless, who turns out to be Xion, disguised. Xion, too, was sent on a mission to defeat a Heartless. The Organization's plan was to have them battle and that way, the victor would remain. However, Axel is suspicious and follows them, ending the battle before anything can happen, revealing the two to each others' eyes.

These are the last straws for Xion - she decides that while she loves Roxas and Axel and wants to stay with them, it's better for her to return to Sora. She disappears one last time, going to Naminé in Twilight Town to give herself up to Sora. Roxas, not understanding a thing and having had enough of Axel and the Organization, leaves. Axel, once again sent to find Xion in the hope that this would bring Roxas back as well, is able to defeat her after a grueling battle, taking her back to The World That Never Was. Xemnas reprograms her to battle with Roxas.

Roxas, with nowhere to go, finds himself on the clock tower, staring out at the sunset. Xion finds him there, and they share one last ice cream before she shows her face as Sora to him, and forces him to battle her. She wants him to defeat her, which he does. Since she's a Replica made from Sora's memories, as she dies, everyone will forget about her.

Naminé: If you return your memories to him, you'll disappear. And since everything about you was built on those memories ... no one will remember you when you're gone. There won't be any "you" to remember. I can't save you, Xion - even a memory of you.
Xion: I know. I'm ready. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. Roxas belongs with Sora, too. But ... I don't think he would understand. Not yet. Day 356 ~Place To Belong~

As Xion lays dying in Roxas' arms after their battle, she gives Roxas a few last words even though he can't remember who she is. She tells him not to forget that they're best friends, and that she's glad to have met him and Axel. She tells him that Kingdom Hearts must be freed, and Xemnas must not have his way no matter what. It's only after her final breath that Roxas suddenly remembers again - how, we may never know - and finally realizes that his last friend is leaving him.

In her wake, she leaves nothing behind but a single seashell, and Roxas starts to cry. Putting his own questions aside momentarily, armed with the power of a newly awakened Keyblade, he resolves to go back to The World That Never was and confront Xemnas.

I'm going to set Kingdom Hearts free and find my way to Sora. I'm going to get Xion back. The three of us will have ice cream together again - I know it. Roxas' Diary: Day 357 (Three Again?)

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