Kingdom Hearts is the illegitimate child of Disney and Square Enix. How they manage to reconcile these two extremes is beyond me, but they do an excellent job. In KHII, we never get to see Roxas interact with any Disney characters, but we do get to see it in Days.

In the game, Roxas only visits a handful of Disney worlds: Beast's Castle, Wonderland, Halloween Town, Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum, and Neverland. The Organization works by stealth, so Roxas' work often goes undetected. In Beast's Castle, he plays no role there - all he does is defeat Heartless and remark on having something important to him, but never interacts with any of the castle inhabitants. His presence there mostly serves as an introduction to Xaldin's plans taking root, foreshadowing KHII's events. Wonderland is similar - though he has a few chats with the Cheshire Cat, who manages to irritate and confuse him thoroughly.

In Halloween Town, Roxas has a few nasty run-ins with Lock, Shock, and Barrel, who pelt him with pumpkin bombs. He eventually finds out what they're up to, and in battling a giant Heartless, Jack Skellington sees him fighting. Inspired, Jack decides to create a scarecrow resembling him for Halloween; Roxas isn't quite sure how to react upon seeing it.

He also has very little to do in Agrabah - at least, relatively. He sees Aladdin and Jasmine from afar, but never interacts with them. He does, however, have a run-in with Genie and Carpet. Carpet seems to recognize him, and we get to see a brief flash of Sora meeting Carpet, which is how Carpet recognizes Roxas. Carpet insists that it's met Roxas, while Genie looks at him, confused. Genie isn't unfriendly, though - he's his usual gregarious self and appears on multiple occasions to talk to him. I, personally, was really charmed by Carpet "recognizing" him.

Olympus Coliseum is one of the worlds where Roxas sees some more interaction with the characters there. The only "person" he really talks to is Phil (Philoctetes), who, on Roxas' first mission to the world, mistakes for Hercules' new apprentice candidate. Thus, Roxas is unwittingly dragged into training with Phil, who has high expectations for him. Every time Roxas drops by, Phil is there to catch him for a session. Later, though, Phil realizes that Roxas is not Hercules' candidate and wonders who he's been training - the next time Roxas shows up, Phil confronts him about his identity. Roxas can't answer - can't blow the Organization's cover - and Phil just assumes that he's there to enter the tournaments and accepts Roxas' silence. After Roxas battles his way through the tournaments successfully, Phil is pleased, telling Roxas to stop by every now and then. Roxas never sees Phil again, but Phil obviously took a liking to him.

Last but not least, Neverland is that Really Ironic world. Here, he meets Tinker Bell, who gives him the ability to fly. Roxas notes that the experience feels familiar somehow, seeing a vision of Sora doing the same with Tinker Bell - he believes Tinker Bell (the only way to fly is to believe in the power of the pixie dust or something), and it appears that Tinker Bell also believes in him, giving him the ability to fly, no questions asked. Roxas is enthralled by the experience, and the ability makes his job of defeating Heartless easier. However, Tink gave it to him because she wanted him to help her deal with Captain Hook and Smee. We find out that Pete, the useless KHII villain, is behind the Heartless threat in the area, preying on Hook's greed. Whenever he goes to Neverland, Tink comes by to help him fly, but he never helps her, until one day she is finally captured by Hook and Smee.

Tinker Bell? ... They caught her!? I have to help her! But ... she doesn't really have anything to do with the mission. ...... So what. I'm going. She helped me fly before. And all I did was keep blowing her off. I can worry about today's mission once I know she's safe. Roxas, Day 300 ~Shutdown~

Roxas' conscience finally gets the better of him, and he goes to rescue her. Later, then, Roxas helps her to be rid of Hook and Smee and complete his missions, all in one blow! Ironically enough, in Disney's recent Tinker Bell films, Jesse McCartney voices Tink's friend (and probable love interest) Terence, who even looks a little like Roxas. Disney movies aside, Roxas' compassion for Tink is, for lack of a better word, sweet.

While Sora saves all the Disney worlds from darkness, Roxas learns from them - about the nuances of the heart, in terms more clearly defined than the Kingdom Hearts of the Organization. Though Roxas is a Nobody, he has quite an impact on the worlds and many different people. Many forget about Roxas and he's never spoken of after he returns to Sora, but the fact still remains that he truly mattered in these worlds.

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