Nobodies are creatures shunned from both the light and the darkness. The Organization prefers to associate itself with darkness, traveling via the corridors of darkness. They can do this with no consequence or damage to themselves because they have no hearts. They dress in black robes that completely cover their bodies, and their world, The World That Never Was, is constantly shrouded in a dark night. The World That Never Was exists between the planes of light and darkness, but even then, of the four worlds that are the same, it is the closest to the darkness. Roxas has even called himself "someone from the dark," but this may just be a bad translation.

However, Roxas wields the element of light, just as the other members of Organization wield elements like fire, water, and earth. Most likely, this comes from Sora's alignment with the light. Roxas has also been heard saying that he will "fight against the darkness" - to fight against disappearing, to become whole, to maintain his sense of self. Other Organization members that die are lost to the darkness.

His clothes also signify that Roxas is not entirely a creature of darkness. His civilian clothing is primarily made of whites and creams. Light colors. His jacket, bracelet, and rings are covered with black-and-white checkerboard designs. According to Tetsuya Nomura, these checkers represent light and darkness. His signature Keyblades, too, signify his dual nature. Oathkeeper and Oblivion are made to represent light and darkness, each having the kanji for the appropriate character wrought into its teeth. Roxas literally wields light and darkness, one in each hand. Interestingly enough, it is the Oblivion keyblade that he throws to Riku at the skyscraper against the hordes of Heartless, keeping Oathkeeper for his own usage.

In this, he's like Riku, who took the "way to the dawn." Born in Twilight Town, caught between light and darkness, Roxas is a being of two elements. He will always be the "darker" half of Sora, but he is still a part of the light. He never faded away into the darkness, like other Nobodies. He is not shunned by either light or darkness, but embraced by both.

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