After the events of digital Twilight Town, Roxas isn't heard from for quite some time. Organization members that encounter Sora along the way goad him and call him "Roxas," much to his confusion. Sora himself finds out what Roxas looks like in a photo taken from the digital Twilight Town, given to him by a disguised Riku. Somehow, though he has never met him and no one has ever told him what Roxas looks like, Sora knows who it is.

It is not until Axel's death that Roxas' consciousness becomes active once again. Soon after leaving Axel and entering The World That Never Was, Roxas appears to Sora and the two are transported to the Station of Awakening, where they battle. What is it for? Control? Dominance? No - there is no way that Roxas could ever become the Somebody. Though Roxas gave himself up in the simulation, it wasn't like he had any choice at the time. Now, Roxas' fury is further fueled by the death of his friend, and he's determined to get his answers. Roxas doesn't understand why Sora is "superior" to him and why Sora's meant to exist - in essence, Roxas doesn't understand the heart. (For more on that, please read here.)

Roxas knows that Sora is his other half, but he doesn't think that Sora is anything special. He wants to know why the Keyblade chose Sora, and why that factor is so important. Sora, on the other hand, has no idea who the hooded figure is, and when Roxas says that he's "someone from the dark," Sora wonders if it's Riku.

But it isn't, and Roxas denies it by revealing that he had defeated Riku once. (Sora is outraged at this revelation.) The battle continues and Roxas still wants to know about the Keyblade. He sees an image of Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy with Sora, and finally understands that it's because Sora has his friends to support him. It's his friends and all the connections that he's made that remain in his heart, and that's what gives him power. That's why the Keyblade chose him.

Roxas had his own friends. Though he supposedly did not have a heart, it would be false to say that these friendships were fake. He never made the connection between his friends and his Keyblade. It's important to realize that Roxas isn't asking why Sora is the Somebody and he is the Nobody - he knows what he is. It isn't Sora's Keyblade versus Roxas' Keyblade necessarily - he just wants to know what and why the Keyblade is. Why did that make Sora - and himself - so special?

Even so, he continues to attack Sora, managing to disarm him. However, much to Roxas' surprise, Sora recalls the Keyblade and defeats him. Satisfied that Sora is indeed a worthy Other, Roxas leaves after revealing his face to Sora. Of course, Sora is so dense that he doesn't recognize Roxas and remains in a state of befuddlement afterwards, worsened by the fact that no one else saw Roxas.

Roxas may have fallen out with Axel and Xion. His relationships with them were roller coaster rides, but through all their fights and battles, they were still best friends. He wasn't less of a person than Sora - weren't these friendships he had evidence of that?

Furthermore, after the battle, in Final Mix+, Axel contacts Roxas' consciousness, though he is dead. Like their finals words in digital Twilight Town, the two of them are pensive and a little melancholic. Similar to a conversation they had in Days, Axel asks Roxas if he has a heart. After his battle with Sora, I think, Roxas' response is fully justified. He doesn't know if he does for sure, but he believes that it isn't something you can feel or see. It just is.

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