I found out I was a Nobody - that I was incomplete. Just like the rest of them, I came into the world without a heart. Would it have made a difference? If I had a heart ... would that make me somebody? Roxas, Day 10 ~Incomplete~

Would it have made a difference? If Roxas had a heart, he wouldn't have gone through any of his struggles. He wouldn't be the character we've come to know and love. Yes, it would have made a difference, but one completely irrelevant in the Kingdom Hearts universe. In a different context, though, I don't think it would have made a difference if Roxas had a heart or not - he seems perfectly capable of feeling emotion despite his "lack" of a heart.

Roxas never quite understands why it is so vital for him to have a heart. All the others talk about it, encourage him to keep defeating Heartless, and the best explanation he's given is that he'll understand why when he has gained a heart.

Xion: "The strength of the human heart is vast," Xemnas said.
Roxas: Yeah, but what do we need with it?
Axel: Are you crazy?
Roxas: I just don't understand why having a heart is so important. Do you?
Axel: Kind of a strange time to bring it up ...
Roxas: But don't you ever stop and wonder? We're fighting for something we don't know anything about.
Xion: ......
Axel: Roxas ... We're fighting because we want to know what it's about.
Roxas: Yeah ... Yeah, I guess you're right. Day 94 ~Hearts~

He shouldn't be able to feel anything, as a Nobody. Born with no memories of his past life, he shouldn't even have been able to remember what feelings are, let alone truly express them. He's empty in the beginning, but quickly becomes his own person, laughing with his friends, raging at the Orgaization's excuses, having genuine fears.

There are countless instances of his showing emotion. I could go on and on. See how many quotes are on this page? Just the tip of the iceberg. After he dreams, he wakes up with tears on his cheeks, though he doesn't know what they are and why there's water on his face. He cries when Xion dies. Not only does he appear to feel emotion himself, he goes so far as to induce feeling in others. On numerous occasions, Axel says that Roxas makes him feel like he had a heart, bringing up memories of his own childhood as a human. Roxas may not have a heart, but what he feels is real. Sora's heart was strong, so why shouldn't it carry on to Roxas and affect those around him? Or, alternatively, since Sora had Ven's heart in his body, it's possible that Ven's heart carried over to Roxas.

Axel: I guess the closest thing we Nobodies have got [to a heart] is our past. You know, memories of the stuff we couldn't bear to lose, back when we couldn't bear to lose it.
Roxas: Oh ... Too bad I don't remember MY past.
Axel: Well, what about your present?
Roxas: Huh?
Axel: You've got memories from here in the Organization, right?
Roxas: Yeah ... I do, don't I? I couldn't bear to lose my memories of you or Xion.
Axel: Well, see? There ya go. Everybody's got something they want to hang on to.
Roxas: It's scary to think I could lose you guys.
Axel: Scary? Scary's a feeling, man.
Roxas: Yeah, I know I can't feel, but ... It's still a scary thought.
Axel: A thought, then. But not a feeling.
Roxas: Are you sure?
Axel: Maybe you just remember what it's like to feel scared, and think you're feeling it now. Day 150 ~Fear~

And unlike the other Organization members, when he shows emotion, he isn't faking it - it's most definitely real. For instance, in KHII, Demyx appears to feel emotions, but when Sora provokes him, reveals that he's pretending. However, when DiZ provokes Roxas earlier in the game, he still insists that he can feel though he knows that he's a Nobody. In Days, Saïx is disgusted by his "repulsive displays of would-be sentiment" in his concern for Xion, but Roxas angrily tells him that it isn't a display and doesn't understand why it's wrong for him to feel that way. Then, later, in KHII, the words came out because of his anger and frustration (GASP! emotions!), but he's confident in who he is, and that he's a separate entity from Sora, just as deserving to exist. "My heart belongs to me!"

Roxas doesn't necessarily know why his feelings are considered anomalies, but he knows what's he's feeling is real, no matter what anyone else says. No one can take that away from him, and he hates it when people try.

The most important thing to realize here, I think, is that Roxas is satisfied with his identity in terms of having a heart or not. He doesn't know everything about himself, but he's perfectly fine with not having a heart, if that's the case - he doesn't understand why it's so important. Always assured of his self-worth, he never feels the need to rejoin with Sora, to gain a heart. Many consider him immature in this way - everyone else says he's better off with a heart, but you can't want what you've never had.

We don't know and he doesn't know if he has a heart. In the end, though, it isn't all that important. He does eventually come to understand why the heart is so important, but even so, he never really felt an urgent need to have one.

Axel: Roxas, you have a heart, don't you?
Roxas: That ... that I don't know. But the heart's not something you can see. I've started wondering whether it's something you can't feel, either.
Axel: I guess so. 358/2 Days Japanese Opening *

* This is one of the few times I'll use a rough Japanese-to-English translation. It's better than the English dub. The dub seems to say the exact opposite of what was intended, or did it in a really unclear way. The translation is an amalgamation of a sub on a slightly different, extended version of the scene in KHII: FM+ (Roxas' line is exactly the same) and my own translation, worded to make sense in English.

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