Hayner, Pence, and Olette are the first real kids that Roxas encounters. He sees them on his missions to Twilight Town, and it is from them that he first learns what "friends" are, upon observing their odd behavior. At least, it's odd to him. Later on, he meets them personally - first Pence and Olette, and then Hayner. He never gets to be "friends" with them per se as he is with Axel and Xion, but they remember him when he comes by the world and let them join in their activities from time to time.

When Roxas defects from the Organization, he finds himself in Twilight Town, and sees them again. This time, he doesn't go to them, but watches them from afar, remarking that they're a prime example that "not all friendships fall apart", unlike his and Axel's.

Ironically, when he's put into the Twilight Town simulation after his capture, he's made to believe that he's best friends with the three. They're really compatible, and they have a ton of fun together - the four of them are inseparable in this fake Twilight Town. However, Roxas is the odd one out - he's not part of the original Two Guys And A Girl (and he has his own trio with Axel and Xion), so there's no way it could be real. If it's Square Enix and this formula doesn't apply, something is gravely wrong.

In all seriousness, these friends are a temporary beacon of sanity in his harrowing days spent in Twilight Town. They aren't real, but it feels real enough - which is why it is so devastating when he wakes up on the last day of summer vacation and they walk right through him.

After Sora awakes, the time Roxas spent with them in real life and in the simulation is evident. As he's leaving the town, he says his goodbyes to the real Hayner, Pence, and Olette, and suddenly finds that he feels immensely sad. To top that off, he's started to cry - even though he's only known them for a matter of minutes! Clearly, these are Roxas' emotions showing through, saddened because of the time he spent with them and the fond "memories" they shared. Hayner, Pence, and Olette also wonder if they've met Sora before - he seems immensely familiar. While it's more likely they remembered Roxas from his missions with the Organization, it's possible that something from the digital world reached them as well. The heart never forgets.

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