Ice cream, for some ridiculous reason, plays a huge role in the Kingdom Hearts series. In America, I think, it would be more proper to call what is eaten in the games a "popsicle," but I think the ice-cream-on-a-stick thing is pretty common in Japan. So, we'll just stick with that. Sea-salt ice cream is the flavor that appears in every game released after KHII, and everyone seems to love it. Everyone also has the same reaction to it: "it's salty ... but sweet". (Seriously, everyone has this reaction. That or "it's sweet ... but salty".)

Before we RTC'd (Returned To the Castle) we swung by the clock tower and had some sea-salt ice cream. Axel called it the "icing on the cake" after a successful mission. Well, except there was no cake - just the ice cream. Roxas' Diary: Day 8 (Entry 2)

His first day in the Organization, Axel treats Roxas to ice cream atop Twilight Town's clock tower. He doesn't really remember it, but when he goes on his first real mission (again, with Axel), Axel takes him again, saying that no mission is complete without "a little icing on the cake."

And so, just about every day after their missions are completed, Roxas and Axel meet up at the clock tower to have ice cream.

Axel: C'mon, let's get some ice cream.
Roxas: Why?
Axel: Whaddaya mean, why? Because we're friends.
Roxas: So ... friends are people who have ice cream together?
Axel: Sort of ... Day 14 ~Friends~

That same day, Roxas writes in his diary that apparently "friends do stuff like that" - go on clock towers and eat ice cream and laugh together. The two meet up until Axel is sent to Castle Oblivion, and Roxas often eats ice cream alone - that is, until he has a few missions with Xion. One day, he treats her to ice cream, and this plants the seed for their friendship. Later, after Axel returns, the three of them meet up almost every day to have ice cream, and Axel and Xion become friends as well. The times they spend together on the clock tower, sitting around eating ice cream, are what really solidify their friendship.

Some of Roxas' most precious memories of Axel and Xion are simply sitting on the tower, eating ice cream together and watching the sunset. They don't even need to say anything - sometimes they do, but their friendship is beyond words. Ice cream may seem like a really trivial thing, but to them, it's truly the mark of friendship.

Some of the ice cream sticks are inscribed with the word "WINNER". This stick can be redeemed for a free ice cream stick, and Roxas finds one early in his time with the Organization. After learning what it is, he wants to find another one so he can treat both Axel and Xion, but unfortunately never gets another one. (I don't get how they can eat the same flavor of ice cream almost every day and (1) not get sick of it and (2) not get fat.) Being the drama queen that he is, when he leaves the Organization, he leaves the WINNER stick with Axel as a parting gift of sorts.

Roxas left. It's so like him to just leave that WINNER ice cream stick behind. Come tomorrow, I'll probably get the order to hunt him down, but leaving [the stick] here makes it feel so permanent. I wish the three of us - three? No. That the two of us could share some ice cream again someday. That's what it is to be friends. Secret Report: Axel, Day 357 (To My Best Friend)

Also heartbreaking is the fact that Axel slips up in saying the "three of us" - Xion dies on this day, and Axel's memories of her are gone. He can only remember having spent time with Roxas.

Speaking of Xion's death, when she dies in Roxas' arms, he doesn't remember her - but right after she passes, a flash of memory seems to return to him, and in his grief, says "Who else will I have ice cream with?" I have seen and heard a lot of people wonder why Roxas would say something so unserious in the wake of such a tragedy, and how it was really funny. (To be honest, when this scene started, I cried and then when Roxas said it, I started crying even harder, because it was just that tragic.) This is similar to how Yuna says "thank you" in the Japanese ending of FFX when Tidus disappears (sorry for spoiling another game) - it doesn't seem quite appropriate at first, but it's actually really expressive. The way I see it, Yuna is thanking Tidus for helping, protecting, and loving her, and in Days, Roxas is saying that he doesn't have any friends left. Having deserted Axel because of his constant lying, his only other friend dies (by his hand, no less). Eating ice cream together is an indicator of friendship for Roxas, so this line is actually quite meaningful.

In Japanese, Roxas says "また3人でアイスを食べよう", which can be translated as "Let's eat ice cream again, the three of us". Though a little different from the line in English, ice cream is is still the most tangible marker of their friendship.

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