The Keyblade is a giant key, used like a sword as an offensive weapon. (I don't get it either.) Supposedly, the Keyblade can bring light to the world or complete destruction. A majority of the first Kingdom Hearts is spent trying to keep the Keyblade from falling into the wrong hands. However, just taking the Keyblade isn't good enough - as Xehanort's Heartless said, "the heart that is strong and true shall win the Keyblade." Just as in the Harry Potter universe where the wand chooses the wizard, the Keyblade chooses its wielder. The Keyblade has incredible power and is used used to open and close gates between worlds as well as lock a world's Keyhole, preventing Heartless from attacking it. This is the main focus of the first game.

Since the requirement to wield the Keyblade is a strong heart, isn't it a little odd that Roxas, a being who has no heart, can use it? This is normally attributed to the fact that Sora can use it, but Roxas has shown on multiple occasions a capacity to feel emotion. He is not quite as heartless as advertised. No other Nobody can wield the Keyblade, and no other Nobody is as special and different as Roxas. No other is as insistent that he can feel. In fact, Roxas ultimately left the Organization partly because he wanted to know why he was able to use the Keyblade.

Originally, Roxas only used one Keyblade, just like Sora. However, because Sora and Ventus' hearts were so inextricably linked, Roxas always had the potential to wield two. He can dual-wield because he can use the Keyblades of both Sora and Ventus. He doesn't start out with this ability because it isn't awakened in the beginning; it's only after he fights with Xion that he wants to remember her: his Keyblade-wielding friend, and his tribute to her is his second Keyblade. He is shown wielding two Kingdom Keys, but changes them into the Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades - what we have come to know as his "signature fighting style," though he only uses these powers for one day and a half. (Sora is able to use two Keyblades because he absorbs a dual-wielding Roxas.)

The Oathkeeper (約束のお守り "yakusoku no omamori" - "oath's charm") keyblade is the keyblade meant to represent Kairi. Interestingly enough, the teeth of this keyblade form the kanji for light: 光. The Oblivion (過ぎ去りし思い出 "sugisarishi omoide" - "passing memories") keyblade represents Riku. The teeth of this keyblade form the kanji for darkness: 闇. Roxas has little interaction with either Riku or Kairi that qualifies as a relationship, but they are important parts of Sora. Sora is only complete with his best friends, signified by Roxas' two keyblades.

The two keyblades balance each other out in their elements, reflecting Roxas' dual nature as both a denizen of light and darkness that is emphasized over and over again. However, there still remains the fact that Nobodies were not meant to exist - even their names suggest that they are nothing. A state of oblivion is a state of being forgotten or unknown, and Nobodies fade away into darkness. As a Nobody, Roxas was nothing, but at the same time, he wielded the power of light as well and never faded away into darkness like the other members of the Organization.

Oathkeeper and Oblivion can also symbolize Sora and Roxas, respectively. Sora travels through the world with light. He brings light to the world. On the other hand, as a Nobody, Roxas travels through the corridors of darkness. As he said himself in his fight with Sora, he is someone from the dark. It even reflects their personalities a little - Sora is bright and cheery, whereas Roxas is anything as he leaves the Organization.

Oblivion also represents his relationship with Xion. The name "Xion" comes from the kanji (紫苑 "shion") for the flower Aster Tataricus, which carries meaning of "forget-me-not" and "recollection." When Roxas throws the Oblivion to Riku at the skyscraper, memories are passed to Riku and he receives a flashback from Xion, telling him to stop Roxas from reaching Xemnas and what would most definitely be his untimely demise. Perhaps, in the end, the Oblivion keyblade carries more personal meaning for Roxas. However, Roxas' existence is all about balance, and without Oathkeeper, Roxas would not be complete.

Two Become One

In Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, there are several new keyblades for Sora to obtain. The one pictured to the left is the Two Become One (めぐりあう二人 "meguriau futari" - "serendipitous pair") keyblade, obtained after the fight with Roxas at Memory's Skyscraper in The World That Never Was. Its Strength stat is 5 and its Magic stat is 4. Its given ability is Light & Dark, which activates Anti or Final Form whenever a Drive form is used. It also appears in 358/2 Days as a keyblade that Roxas or Xion may use, when equipped with Zero Gear with two Ability Units, which is by far one of the best Keyblades in the game..

Two Become One is one of the keyblades that looks the least like a key - its edges are sharper, notched, and more threatening, looking more like a sword edge. If not glaringly obvious already, this keyblade represents Roxas and Xion, or perhaps Roxas after Xion's death: a combination of their powers. The handle is decorated with the checkerboard pattern of Roxas' wristband, and the design and colors reflect the colors of both Oathkeeper and Oblivion. It is peppered with the Nobody insignia all over, intricately modified or the simple basic version. The area near the handle and the teeth are comprised of Nobody thorns, and the charm that dangles off the end is the same charm as Roxas' necklace charm. This Keyblade is only available in 358/2 Days after the main storyline has been completed.


Known in Japanese as "Aubade Lord" (オウバードロード), Aubade comes from equipping Roxas in 358/2 Days with Mystery Gear. Mystery Gear supposedly reflects the personality of the wielder. An aubade is poem or song about "lovers separating at dawn" or a composition "evoking daybreak" (taken from the ever-knowledgeable Wikipedia). Interestingly enough, Xion also wields this Keyblade when equipped with the same panel - she's practically a carbon copy of Roxas, gameplay-wise. Though Roxas and Xion aren't lovers by any means, they are best friends, and they are tragically forced to separate. Plus, Roxas is always associated with light - dawn and daybreak, anyone?

Aubade looks like a sword (perhaps a katana?) that has yellow spiked attachments that form the teeth and guard of the Keyblade. These yellow spikes look like flashes of light, connecting back to Roxas' connection to the light.

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