As is trademark of all the Organization members (except Xion), Roxas' name is an anagram of his Somebody's name with "X" inserted into it. Sora (ソラ, which means sky) changes to Roxas (ロクサス "rokusasu"). Obviously, the transition can only be seen using the Roman alphabet.

Before Roxas' name was released, there were a fair number of fanmade nicknames and I'll proceed to list them. Glowing-Eyed Unknown (not actually confirmed to be Roxas) and Dual-Wielding Unknown were derived from his appearances in Deep Dive and Another Side, Another Story FMVs. Blond-Haired Kid (BHK) came from his first appearance in his civilian clothing. He was also dubbed Misterious Boy [sic] (謎の少年 "nazo no shounen") by Square Enix. Thrillingly original names!

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