How can one discuss Roxas and not discuss Naminé? Their fates are inextricably linked, though they do not meet for some time. Their interaction spans only a few days in the virtual Twilight Town, but it is no less meaningful, especially because of the relationship between Sora and Kairi. They are "special" Nobodies, born without memories of their past selves and both with their Somebodies still alive. It is hard to say which one is more special - Naminé, memory witch and the Nobody of a Princess of Heart, versus Roxas, Key of Destiny and the Nobody of the Keyblade Master.

Both of them were pawns used by the Organization, but were able to break away. Naminé was discovered in Castle Oblivion and they took her in to manipulate Sora. Roxas was sent to defeat Heartless to facilitate the growth of Kingdom Hearts so that the Organization might regain their hearts. Both of them are less than happy serving the Organization.

At the start of Kingdom Hearts II, both of them had escaped the clutches of the Organization and had instead fallen into the hands of DiZ. Defeated by Riku, Roxas was brought into a Twilight Town simulation, where he was expected to peacefully give up his existence and return to Sora. Unaware of this plot, he just tried to get through his last days of summer vacation. However, strange things happened around town, and Naminé, who was overseeing the restoration of Sora's memories, decided to interfere with the simulation. "I wanted to meet you at least once." This, perhaps, is her redemption for her sins at Castle Oblivion and the carrying out of a promise made to Xion.

Though she doesn't remember it, Xion made Naminé promise that she would watch over Roxas, with Axel's help. Even so, though, guilt and this promise aren't the whole explanation for her adamant interference: she seems to genuinely care for Roxas' well-being and wants to make sure he's all right. She decides to go ahead and tell him of the plan that DiZ was revolving around him.

"You were never supposed to exist." With these startling revelations, Roxas is understandably upset, but trusts her words. He doesn't want to hear them, but Naminé gives him the only plausible explanation for what happens to him. Furthermore, Roxas had originally left the Organization because no one there was telling him the truth.

Roxas: Are you gonna tell me or not? Axel ... Who am I?
Axel: You've just gotta trust me, Roxas.
Roxas: I don't.
Axel: Hey, c'mon ...
Roxas: If I can't get answers here, I'll get them somewhere else. Somebody knows where I came from. That'll be the person I trust. Day 355 ~Unsaid, Unheard~

As Axel had predicted, learning the truth doesn't make Roxas feel any better. In fact, he only becomes more melancholic and angry, but the fact that someone finally tells him the truth is a refreshing one. Naminé is his savior in dark times, helping him when he needs it and promising him that everything will work out for the best.

Naminé's efforts, however, are continuously interrupted by DiZ and Riku, the former of whom doesn't believe that Nobodies deserve a thing - not even the truth. Roxas tries to stop them from taking her away, wanting to know more, but Naminé can't get away. It seems bizarre that they become friends after only three days of very limited interaction (plus, they never had ice cream together on top of the clock tower), but Naminé promised that they would meet again, and at that time, they could talk about everything. Their relationship, I think, is not a branch-off of Sora and Kairi - theirs is different, and only strengthens the bond between their Somebodies.

Naminé told Roxas that as Nobodies, they are only half a person. As they return to their other selves, they become whole - they won't disappear, as many other Organization members have. In the end, Roxas understands that Naminé was right in saying so. When Sora, Riku, and Kairi are finally reunited for good, Roxas and Naminé simultaneously meet as well. Though they had been absorbed into their Others, they are still able to recognize each other. As long as Sora and Kairi are together, they are as well.

Naminé: See? We meet again, like we promised.
Roxas: You said we'd meet again, but when we did, we might not recognize each other.
Naminé: I did, didn't I?
Roxas: But I knew you. Kingdom Hearts II, The World That Never Was

Roxas never meets with Xion and Axel again (though Xion is a "part" of Sora, but he doesn't remember her, so it doesn't really make a difference), but he has Naminé - his counterpart with whom to share a future, complete with a heart.

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