Everybody wanted the same thing: to complete Kingdom Hearts. What is Kingdom Hearts? What happens when we gather enough hearts and finish it? I didn't know then ... still don't ... But I'll fight for my chance to be someone whole - fight against the darkness, for however long it takes. Roxas, Day 13 ~Deeds To Be Done~

A Heartless is a heart swallowed by the darkness. Nobodies are born from the remaining parts of the person: the body and soul. The body provides the Nobody with a shape and the soul gives it life. They are born into one of the four worlds caught between light and darkness: Yen Sid's Tower (connected to Twilight Town), Twilight Town, Castle Oblivion (formerly the Land of Departure from Birth by Sleep), and The World That Never Was. Roxas was born into Twilight Town (and simultaneously Naminé into Castle Oblivion). Nobodies are not human - they do not have hearts and are incapable of feeling emotion, and so they are shunned from light and darkness, and thus do not truly "exist." Personally, I think it's incorrect to say that Nobodies don't exist. Perhaps they aren't meant to exist, mistakes created in delving into the inner workings of the heart, but Organization XIII has had an undeniable impact on the fate of the worlds. To say that they "don't exist" is careless and thoughtless.

If not glaringly obvious by now, Roxas is Sora's Nobody. When he enters Castle Oblivion for the first time on Day 297, he faints because he's so close to Sora, who's still in the castle, albeit sleeping. However, it's not just him - Ventus is also in the castle, having been placed there in the Room of Awakening by Aqua ten years prior, and his proximity is also a contributor to Roxas' fainting. This is just as confusing as it sounds - both Sora and Ven are Roxas' "true self." Whatever the hell that means.

A Nobody's main characteristic is that without hearts, they use memories to form personality and emotions. For them, memories are an essential element. Director's Secret Report XIII, Another Report

Without hearts, Nobodies cannot feel emotion. Anything that appears to be sentiment is fake - they draw "feelings" from their memories and thus "express" emotion, but do not truly feel. The members of Organization XIII have been observed to carry over memories from their human lives, whereas the lesser Nobodies they command are more mindless creatures, though not to the same degree as the Heartless' raw instinctualism.

Roxas is a special Nobody. Sora impaled himself with the Dark Keyblade, releasing his heart, but his heart was purified by Kairi almost immediately, thus saving him. Since Sora spent so short a time as a Heartless and never truly disappeared like the human personas of the other Organization XIII members, Roxas was born without memories of Sora's life. Upon his entering into the Organization, he's what Axel aptly calls a "zombie." With no memories to base his persona off of, he's a blank slate.

However, he does have some of Sora's personality (with a twist) buried deep down, which surfaces quickly over the next few weeks. Though he's the Nobody born with no memories, he seems to be the only one that has legitimate emotions. He's not even pretending, and doesn't understand when the others mock him for it.

It is really unclear as to whether Roxas has a heart or not. Technically, he should not, but there is so much evidence suggesting that he does. Tetsuya Nomura himself, director of Days, has been reluctant to touch on this issue, not giving any definite answers. Personally, I feel that he does have a heart, or perhaps shares one with Sora, because Sora is still alive and well. Or maybe it has something to do with Ven's heart being inside Sora. From the Birth by Sleep Ultimania, it's revealed that it is possible that Ven's heart stayed with Roxas when Roxas and Sora separated.

Perhaps through his connection with Sora, Roxas was still able to feel. It's clear that though they're separate and travel in different worlds, the flow of memories between them is strong evidence that the connection remains. So much in the series revolves around having a heart - not just the ability to feel emotions. (For the sake of conserving space and not making Great Walls of Text, I've separated most of the discussion on the heart in regards to his capacity to feel emotion with this page, though they are hard to differentiate, on a separate page. Please read that for more info!)

One of the most important pieces of evidence other than his emotions is that Roxas is able to wield the Keyblade. Only those with strong hearts can wield the Keyblade, and if Roxas did not have one, he would have not been able to wield it. Some say that Roxas wields the Keyblade because Sora does - a plausible explanation but weak and too simple. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, in Kingdom Hearts is ever that easy! The Keyblade chooses its master, as evidenced by Riku's assertion in the original KH, temporarily taking it away from Sora.

In Chain of Memories, Roxas never makes an appearance in Castle Oblivion, but Vexen drops outrageous hints at his existence left and right, this eventually becoming the reason why he is eliminated. While taunting him, Vexen gives Sora a world card for Twilight Town, telling him that it is "a card crafted from all the memories that are locked in the other side of [his] heart." Sora had never been to Twilight Town and all the previous world cards were worlds he'd been to previously. Though he knows he's never set foot in the town, he feels a sense of familiarity as he crosses the floor.

Vexen: I told you - This place was created solely from another side of your memory. It is on the other side of your heart that the memory of this place exists. It is your heart that remembers.
Sora: You're wrong! I don't know this place! Re: CoM, 10th Floor Exit Hall (... weird, I know)

Roxas, on the other hand, had been to Twilight Town on many occasions, going back to its clock tower almost every day to enjoy ice cream with Axel and Xion. Note that Vexen never refers to memories "locked in the side of him that has no heart" but rather, the other side of his heart. As the most scientifically curious of the Organization, these words carry significant weight. Maybe Roxas had a heart, maybe he was sharing it with Sora, maybe it's Ven's, or maybe it's something else entirely that Square Enix is going to pull out of nowhere just to make more money. I think it's the latter option!

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