Cheshire Cat: Once you believe, the truth and a lie are quite the same thing. Let your heart decide - it's in your heart you must confide.
Roxas: Easy for him to say ... How am I supposed to do that when I don't have a heart? I have no idea what to believe in. Day 277 ~Searching~

Moments after his birth, Roxas joins Organization XIII. He has nowhere else to go. Xemnas appears, christens him, and he's given a position in the Organization. Simple as that - no questions asked. Initially void of memory and thought, Roxas was much like a newborn child - completely ignorant about even the simplest tasks. Case in point:

Roxas: Is this the [treasure] chest?
Axel: Sure is. Well done!
Roxas: ......
Axel: Um, what are you waiting for?
Roxas: The mission was to find the chest. Aren't I done?
Axel: Uh, Roxas ... there's this thing about chests. They have stuff in them.
Roxas: So I should open the chest?
Axel: Yes, that is generally what we do. Day 8 ~The Icing on the Cake~

However, as time goes by, he finds that he has a lot of less trivial questions that it appears no one is willing to answer.

Organization XIII is a group of Nobodies who retain human appearances and abilities, due to the fact that their human counterparts had strong hearts. Originally comprised of Ansem the Wise's research assistants, they expanded gradually to eventually include 13 members, never truly considering Xion, member XIV, a true member of the group. (Hence the reason why it was never called "Organization XIV.") The goal of the Organization was to complete Kingdom Hearts that they might use it to become whole again. They are, indeed, "a group of people who wish to be whole." They were thrilled to have Roxas on their side, as hearts could only be captured via his Keyblade. In fact, they were so thrilled to have him that they made a Replica of him (and Sora), as a backup in case Roxas failed them.

Though a little misguided with a definite tinge of evil, at first it appears that the Organization is basically just trying to send Roxas on a load of really boring and repetitive missions to help complete Kingdom Hearts and give everyone the opportunity to regain their hearts. However, Roxas soon begins to feel that something is wrong. On one of his early missions to Beast's Castle, he notices that the Beast, the master of the castle, is out and about fighting Heartless, whereas Xemnas, the "master" of the Organization, delegates this task to Roxas and Xion. Though he can't quite put his finger on the issue, it seems that he is realizing that perhaps he's just a tool of the Organization. Which he unquestionably is.

Later, after having trained at the Olympus Coliseum for some time, on Day 153, he sees Hercules training with Phil in a much more difficult routine than his own. Learning that Phil has "high hopes" for Hercules, he deduces that people are worked harder when others have expectations of them. Being naï as he is, the concept of "expectations" is new to him. "The Organization expects me to do hard missions all the time. Aren't expectations the same thing as orders?" All he knows from the Organization is work. Hard, thankless work. Work which doesn't have very satisfying rewards - just a heart-shaped moon (and who knows what THAT'S for) in the sky getting a little bigger each day.

Roxas doesn't understand a lot of things. He knows what the Organization is doing and why they want to achieve their goals, but never sees the point. He asks a lot of questions, very frank and honest, but no one gives him straight answers. He doesn't know what to believe in, who to trust, and the only place that might have given him answers ultimately fails him. Confused and lost, Roxas doesn't know if he should stay with the Organization or if their intentions are good. He's conflicted because there's something he fundamentally doesn't like about the Organization, but he really doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Being that Xion is a Replica of him and Sora, her power wanes as Roxas' waxes, and vice versa. This ebb and flow is seen throughout the game. Nearing the end of his 358 days, it gets to the point where Xion is vastly more powerful than Roxas, who becomes extremely weak. The Organization sees this as a sign that Roxas is the "less worthy" puppet and decides to speed up the process by pitting Roxas and Xion against each other in a mission, disguising them from each other's eyes, and even sending him on suicide missions (AKA a really tedious mission to kill six giant Heartless). The former plan fails on Axel's interference, but it is nevertheless a shocking realization that the Organization really is trying to get rid of him.

Both of them have connections to Sora, but we only need one of them under our thumb. Let Xion take from Roxas the rest of what he has to give ... Or, let him destroy her first and get it all back. It makes no difference to me. Either way, Sora's power will be ours. Xemnas, Day 322 ~The Program~

The Organization never told Roxas about Xion's nature until it was inevitable that he would find out one way or another. Not only was the Organization not honest with him, but even after revealing Xion's true identity to him, they still expect him to continue with his missions and pretend as though if nothing with Xion ever happened - to treat her and the time they spent together as nothing. They keep him clueless about many other things, determined to have him on their side. Ignorance is bliss, no?

Much like Castle Oblivion was to Naminé, the Organization's castle is like a "bird's cage" for Roxas, as he describes in Another Report. He doesn't know a thing about what's going on, he doesn't know why he's in the Organization, he doesn't get what they're trying to do. They talk about how he's connected to a boy named Sora, but no one will tell him who that is. Finally, he decides that he's had enough.

Everything's a mystery. They didn't even tell me about Xion. Hmph, the biggest mystery is me - the idiot who keeps doing everything he's told. Roxas, Day 354 ~Truth~

He leaves the Organization and is confronted by Saïx. "We don't accept resignations." Roxas is able to defeat Saïx, but even then no one tells Roxas anything. He leaves to search for his own answers, to find someone that he could truly trust. The closest Roxas ever gets to knowing is when Xion dies - she tells him to free Kingdom Hearts and that Xemnas must be stopped at all costs. Other than that, however, Roxas is always out of the know. He is lied to on many occasions, just to keep him working and killing Heartless.

Xemnas hoped to keep Roxas forever his mindless puppet. However, Roxas isn't the type to let things sit quietly - he asks questions and is determined to get the answers. Armed with a strong sense of justice, he's skeptical enough to figure out that something's wrong. In the end, he refuses to believe the Organization's pathetic excuses.

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