The longer you know someone, the less you need to speak in clear terms. Everything gets across with a wink and a nudge, a little reading between the lines ... When it comes to what befell our late comrades at Castle Oblivion, ambiguity suits me just fine. But the Keyblade master and Roxas come out and say every little thing that comes to mind. Maybe that's human, or maybe they're just special. Secret Report: Axel, Day 72 (Human)

If you haven't played 358/2 Days, you might be inclined to think that Roxas and Sora are nearly opposites in terms of personality. As for all the hints KHII drops, Roxas appears angry all the time, whereas Sora is a bubble of cheerfulness. I certainly thought this - the previous incarnation of this page was all about that. But no longer!

While the two boys do have their differences, they are perhaps not quite as different as once thought. Roxas is like a more aggressive version of Sora, and vastly less optimistic. Both of them are incredibly naïve, Roxas never truly understanding the meaning behind Kingdom Hearts and why he can control the Keyblade. He's innocent and fairly simple-minded in terms of the things he appreciates in life. However, Roxas is considerably sharper than Sora - he's much more intelligent. Roxas may not know left from right upon his birth, but he learns quickly. Sarcasm is lost on him in his early days, but he soon becomes able to tell when people are trying to deceive him. Much like Sora, he has a very strong sense of justice. He's very honest and doesn't accept lies, and when he finally leaves the Organization, it's because he's lost trust in it and knows that he will find the answers somewhere else. He has only a vague knowledge that he is somehow connected to Sora, but is able to piece the bits of info he has together, deducing that finding Sora would be important to answering his questions. (Sora, on the other hand, didn't even remember his time spent as a Heartless until Riku reminded him at the very end of Kingdom Hearts II.)

Roxas is confident, somtimes to the point of arrogance. He has an attitude. "I could have done that blindfolded." On his first day on the job, even! He's unquestionably talented and powerful, and he knows it. He has absolutely no qualms about yelling this at Riku during their battle. He is also very prideful. He doesn't like being treated like a kid (something Xigbar takes vindictive pleasure in doing). He is assured of his own self-worth and believes that he has the right to live. He truly desires his own life. Roxas never liked to be compared to Sora (so I apologize for doing that a lot on this page), because he never saw why Sora had it so good. He's temperamental and quick to anger - in fact, when provoked enough, he actually has the capacity to become rather hysterical, as evidenced by his mad return to The World That Never Was after Xion's death, in a grief-driven haze to defeat Xemnas.

Born with a healthy dose of skepticism, he can be very melancholic. He's not afraid to ask questions, even when other people might consider them stupid. Though he believes that he should exist, finding out the truth still confuses him. He is a lost child trying to find answers in a world where no one wants him to know. Compared to Sora, Roxas is much more serious and stoic. Both of them are fairly easy to read, but Roxas is still less expressive than his Other - and with good reason. Roxas may be confident, but it's no fun to be considered a Nobody.

He's headstrong and independent, and doesn't let other people tell him what to do. He's incredibly impatient, doing what the wants to do whenever he wants to do it, and won't sit around waiting for something to come up. He refuses to deal with those who keep secrets from him and simply leaves them. He says whatever he wants to whenever he wants to, and on occasion his words can be harsh and cutting. In this, he's a little bit selfish and stubborn.

However, this doesn't mean that Roxas is an arrogant jerk. His frustration and anger are natural responses to his surroundings, but that isn't all there is to Roxas. He's kind and compassionate as well - a strange trait in Nobodies, something unique in him. When he goes to Neverland, Tinker Bell helps him out and gives him the ability to fly, wanting him to help her deal with Captain Hook. Roxas is persuaded just to continue on with his mission, but over time becomes worried and feels guilty for not returning her good deeds. In the end, he decides to help her.

Furthermore, he's always worried about Axel and Xion, his best friends. He values them immensely and would do anything for them. In the beginning, he doesn't even know what a friend is, but as time progresses, he comes to expect the same treatment from them, becoming confused and upset when this doesn't happen. Most of the time, though, with them, Roxas is at ease. He's happy and fun to be around, and treasures every moment spent with them.

It's said that his personality was "reprogrammed" to throw off the Organization in the Twilight Town simulation, but the way he is around Hayner, Pence, and Olette is not unlike the way he is when he spent time with the real Axel and Xion. I attribute this to the fact that DiZ didn't believe that Nobodies could feel, much less have friends, so he turned Roxas into what he thought a Nobody wasn't, when in fact, it was.

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