Roxas' actual interaction with Sora is very limited. They never actually meet, but during the one year of his life, Roxas constantly sees visions of Sora. He doesn't know who he is, simply describing him as the "boy in red", but Organization XIII practically revolves around Sora's activities. In the end, it becomes blatantly apparent to him that finding and meeting Sora is incredibly important to finding out who he is, and sets off to try to meet him.

Interestingly enough, during his time with the Organization, Roxas comes very close to meeting Sora once. The first and only time he ever steps into Castle Oblivion, it so happens that Sora has not been moved from the castle and is sleeping inside, having his memories observed. Coming too close to him, Roxas takes one step in the building and collapses, memories and pictures rushing into his head. He seems to almost reach a revelation, but passes out before anything can happen, and Axel takes him away.

Roxas doesn't know why Sora is so important, or how he will find him. He doesn't even know that Sora is the Keyblade Master - he's vaguely aware that there is a Keyblade Master, one who Xion was made from, but never really seems to realize that the two are one and the same. Even when Xion transforms into Sora right before his eyes. Did I ever mention that Roxas is kind of dense?

Roxas doesn't really seem to understand that he is Sora's Nobody until he is thrust into the Twilight Town simulation. During his battle with Riku prior to this, Riku confirms that Roxas is Sora's Nobody, but Roxas isn't really listening, insiting that he's his own person. This, I think, is evidence that Roxas doesn't really care whose Nobody he is - just that he isn't inferior to them. (More on that here.)

In the simulation, Roxas is told that he is Sora's Nobody and must return to him to become complete. Naminé tells him this in a way that reassures him that it isn't a bad thing, but then DiZ pops in and essentially tells him that he's worthless and useless because he is a Nobody. Roxas becomes angry - angry at Sora, who is supposedly "better" than he is. He's forced to join with Sora and does so with obvious reluctance and bitterness.

Upon Axel's death and Sora's arrival in The World That Never Was, Roxas awakens and confronts Sora. The two of them battle, though Sora doesn't know who's beneath the hood.

Sora: Wh - Who are you?
Roxas: Someone from the dark.
Sora: You can't be ... Riku?!
Roxas: Riku? I defeated a Riku once.
Sora: You what?!
Roxas: Tell me ... tell me why [the Keyblade] picked you! Kingdom Hearts II, Station of Awakening

As further detailed in the above linked "identity" section, Roxas understands why Sora has the Keyblade, and in turn, why he does too. In learning this, he doesn't have anything to fight against anymore, and doesn't hold anything against Sora any longer. He comes to respect Sora.

"You make a good other."

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