Roxas: Summer vacation? What's that?
Axel: A dream come true, that's what - a whole month off.
Roxas: A month!? How do they hang on to their sanity? I can't even figure out how to fill a day.
Axel: Well, they do get a little help. Their teachers dish out plenty of homework. Trust me, it's over before you can blink.
Roxas: Hmm ... I could deal with a week, maybe. Day 118 ~Lazy Day~

Oh, the irony! After his capture by DiZ, Roxas spends his last week of summer vacation in a digital Twilight Town, though this fact is unknown to him. In the simulation, he's well-known and generally liked in the town, and his life is nothing less than normal. Having had his memory wiped, things like "Organization" and "Axel" and "Keyblade" and "Kingdom Hearts" mean nothing to him. ("Xion" means even less - the memories of her couldn't exist even if he wanted them to.) However, things soon take a turn for the mysterious.

As Naminé continues to restore Sora's memories, Roxas is plagued by strange dreams of memories that are not his, similar to what happened when he was in the Organization. Around town, strange things begin to happen - mysterious white creatures invade the town, coming after Roxas. These are Dusks and other lesser Nobodies, dispatched by Axel to help locate Roxas. The Organization tries its best to find Roxas and regain direct control over a Keyblade, but none is more motivated than Axel to do so. The Organization iss content to let Sora defeat Heartless for them if they can't get Roxas back, but Axel wants his best friend back.

Confronted by this new threat, Roxas undegoes his Awakening and regains his ability to summon the Keyblade. He fends off the attacking Nobodies, but soon he's met with another tragedy - a strange hooded man steals their pocket money, preventing them from going to the beach. In reality, DiZ never makes a beach in the simulation because it would create another opening for Organization XIII to infiltrate, and Riku is sent in to make sure the kids don't go past the simulation's boundaries.

On his third day of vacation, he encounters Naminé in the flesh. No one else but him can see her, and she seems to know a lot about him. As the first person who seems to be telling him the truth, he's a little wary due to the circumstances but seems to trust her more than anything else he hears. Axel also eventually tracks him down, and reminds Roxas that they are best friends, but Roxas doesn't know what he's talking about. Shocked, angry, and hurt, Axel begins to attack Roxas, who is saved by DiZ's interference.

Throughout these odd events, Roxas tries to spend time with his friends and enjoy his last few days of vacation. He celebrates his winning a Struggle tournament with his friends atop the clock tower, but falls off. He calls out to Naminé, but manages to contact Kairi. He knows her from his dreams, though the memories are not his. Kairi doesn't know who he is, but he's familiar - and then out of nowhere, Sora's consciousness contacts her, reminding her that his name begins with "s." Roxas wakes up the next day to find that he apparently had never fallen off the clock tower.

In his further explorations of Twilight Town with his friends, he notices more and more anomalies due to glitches in the system and Nobody interference. It all comes to a head when Naminé is finally able to tell him the truth: he is a Nobody. He was never meant to exist. He was only living in a simulation, and everything he was living was a lie. Axel confronts him again and tries to eliminate him when Roxas still doesn't remember, but he manages to escape.

Roxas makes his way to the mansion to find Naminé, who tells him about his past in Organization XIII and that he must return to Sora. She tells him that he wouldn't lose himself, but instead would become whole. DiZ interrupts and essentially tells Roxas that because he's a Nobody, he doesn't deserve to know. He takes Naminé away, but not before she promises that they will meet again.

Distraught, Roxas wanders around the mansion as memories from his old life start to return. He remembers that he battled Riku, was defeated, and then put away into the simulation. He still doesn't understand the importance of a heart and so Naminé's words mean little to him. All he's focused on is DiZ's belittlement - it's incredibly unfair that his existence means so little. In his anger and frustration, he destroys the computer systems in the mansion and encounters an equally upset Axel. With his memory back, Roxas remembers him as his best friend, but it's too late. Axel is incensed, but Roxas taps into all of his old powers and defeats his friend. Roxas hopes that they will meet again, but Roxas is the only one of them with a "next life" in which to do so.

Interesting to note is that Axel seems shocked when Roxas pulls out Oathkeeper and Oblivion - two Keyblades? While I'm pretty sure KHII was written before 358/2 Days' plot was solidified (so this may just be a coincidence rather than an intended "reference"), the last time Axel saw Roxas, he only had one Keyblade. That and neither Roxas nor Axel remembers Xion, whose death awakens the power of the second Keyblade. Perhaps this is the lone indication in KHII that Xion ever existed, or maybe this is just wishful thinking.

Finally, Roxas finds Sora in the mansion's basements. Here, he encounters DiZ, who continues to provoke Roxas. Less than sympathetic toward's Roxas' anger, he dismisses Roxas' feelings, focused only on his own revenge and plans to awaken Sora to faciliate their execution.

DiZ: At last, the Keyblade's chosen one.
Roxas: Who are you talking to? Me? Or Sora?
DiZ: To half of Sora, of course. You reside in darkness. What I need is someone who can move about the realm of light and destroy Organization XIII.
Roxas: Why? Who are you?
DiZ: I am a servant of the world. And if I'm a servant, then you should consider yourself a tool, at best.
Roxas: Was that ... was that supposed to be a joke? 'Cause I'm not laughing! Kingdom Hearts II, The Seventh Day

DiZ disppears, only having been a projection into the simulation. Sora's pod opens up to Roxas, who's still bitter and confused. However, he has no choice - trapped on all sides, the only way he can go is back to Sora, even if he doesn't want to. Dissatisfied because he still doesn't understand, Roxas is obviously unhappy. So, it's with resignation and wistfulness that Roxas faces Sora, calling him the lucky one of the two, before returning to him.

"Looks like my summer vacation ... is over."

This marks a year since Roxas was born.

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