I warned you! Roxas' English voice actor is Jesse McCartney, American pop singer. He's fairly popular and mainstream, so sometimes I hear his songs on the radio. His voice hasn't changed since his performance in the games. I can't always take his music seriously then - especially in the song "How Do You Sleep?" and there's a line that goes "Damn those sweet memories!!!" and I just laugh. Don't get me wrong, I like Jesse as Roxas. It's just really amusing to listen to his music after having heard him play Roxas.

Popular songs aside, I'd like to address what a fantastic job I think Jesse's done. Not only is he able to make the voices of Roxas and Ventus in Birth By Sleep noticeably different, his commitment to performing Roxas is incredible. This is most obvious in the KH 1.5 movie version of 358/2 Days, in the scene on day 355 where Roxas literally starts yelling at Axel because he's so distraught about everything that's been happening and how he doesn't know anything about himself. Such an emotionally charged scene and Jesse KILLED IT. Major, major kudos. I got chills. I really, really felt Roxas' pain. I can't express how much I've enjoyed Jesse's work but he's iconic as Roxas for me.

In Japanese, Roxas is voiced by Koki Uchiyama. Other than Roxas, he has voiced his clones Neku Sakuraba (from The World Ends With You) and Ven (from the upcoming Birth By Sleep). He is well known for his performance as Soul Eater Evans from the Soul Eater anime.

Below I've provided fifteen-second voiceclips in English and Japanese. Both are ~235 KB mp3 files.

Roxas talking to Naminé
Suddenly, I - I feel like I don't know myself at all. I guess I would like to know. What do you know about me ... that I don't?

Roxas talking to Axel in KHII: FM+
でも 心なんて見えるものじゃない、感じるものじゃないかなって 思い始めたんだー だとしたらー いや 今はやめとく。 (But the heart's not something you can see. I've started wondering whether it's something you can't feel either-- If so, then-- Nah, never mind.)

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