Roxas makes his first appearance in the secret endings of the first Kingdom Hearts game, and since then has gone from being a "mysterious boy in a black cloak" to one of the franchise's most loved and iconic characters. Contained here are unrestrained jabs at Roxas' emo and his English voice actor, Jesse McCartney, whom I totally love, but still like to poke fun at because he is a pop star. Snark aside, Roxas really is a fascinating character, so don't let my sarcasm put you off.


  • Profile - given descriptions and basic info
  • Name - the most uninvolved system ever
  • Appearance - turn my swag on
  • Voice - "Damn those sweet memories! How do you sleep?"
  • Organization XIII - keeping secrets and collecting hearts
  • Thirteen - it's all in the numbers
  • Persona - the stuff that makes Roxas who he is
  • Nobody - caught in between, the shunned existence
  • Heart - does he have one or doesn't he?
  • Dual - polar opposites: light & darkness
  • Identity - searching for the truth behind the lies
  • Keyblades - from one to Oblivion & Oathkeeper
  • Ice Cream - not just a delicious frozen treat


  • Birth - splitting of the heart, soul, and body
  • 358 Days - killing 23847138311383419183 Heartless
  • Capture - stopped on his way to Kingdom Hearts by Riku
  • Summer - only able to survive a week of vacation
  • Encounter - finally coming to understand the heart
  • Reunion - the happy ending
  • Re:coded - rehashed as data in the least fun game ever


  • Hayner, Pence, & Olette - almost definitely real
  • Axel - someone who tried to protect him
  • Xion - what mattered the most was remembered the least
  • Naminé - sympathetic counterpart, the one to trust
  • Sora - single struggle to understand
  • Disney - cartoons brought to life
  • Colleagues - of coffee breaks and no vacation time
  • Ventus - the other OTHER self 10 years prior

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